Who is the lone rider?

The lone rider is the bold representative of the male as an endangered species. The lone rider is the man who stays true to his true essence – the one who is constantly seeking his life goal. Some say about riders that they have an obvious death wish, or they seek death. That may be true, ‘cause the real man is not afraid, he will stare into death’s eyes and be ready to die every single moment. It’s not death that riders seek; it’s the spirit of the lonesomeness, the feeling of alpha dog in your own pack. The lone rider is a new emerging breed of man, one that is not afraid to challenge every decision he once made. He won’t feel guilty to pursue his happiness, even if it turns him into a selfish man in the eyes of others. The lone rider wants to live a good life, enjoy everything without any remorse.

The lone rider knows that we are born alone and alone we shall die. Whatever comes in between is a gift and should be treated accordingly.

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