The Road

We start our life with a clean path ahead of us. By the time we are grown-ups we are constantly put in front of cross-roads, intersections. And the roads turn rocky.

The lone rider has to make friends with the road, sometimes it’s all he has. Having to make decisions forces you into adulthood. Those who say that buying a motorcycle is a desperate gesture of a man trying to stay young… well, it’s debatable. Maybe it’s the first sign of maturity or responsibility towards you. You owe it to yourself to become a better man. And a better man has to always challenge himself. What better way to challenge yourself than riding, mastering a beautiful metal beast?! That’s why the road is a friend, because friends don’t lie, they are the ultimate check-point. The road will never judge, it just stands in front of you, endless possibilities ahead. But the road will also test your endurance, your strength, your joy for living. So, every time you reach a crossroad, make sure you make the right decision and keep in mind that you can always resort to a U turn. Time will tell.

Give yourself a chance to chase the horizon! The road is waiting, even if the ride may sometimes get bumpy. The lone rider knows where to find peace of mind and there is no place better than... the open road.

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